Armstrong VapArrest S-135 Professional Moisture Retardant System "Product Information"
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Caution Eye and Skin Irritant

For use with the following Installation Systems:

TypeTwo-part cross-linked epoxy resin
ColorPale Red
MixingStir well before using. Using a power mixer, mix both components A & B in the pail containing part A. (1/2″ drill and paint or plaster paddle). Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes eliminating all color/clear streaks. Do not over mix.
Applicator Medium nap paint roller with extension handle
Spread Rate270 sq.ft./gallon unit at 6 mil using a medium nap roller
UnitsEach unit (ctn) contains 1 part A & 1 part B 1.1 Gallon, 2.2 Gallon
Removal from SurfaceRemove wet or uncured materials with mineral spirits
AdvantagesReduces water vapor transmission up to 75% (to less than 3 lbs./1000 sq. ft./24 hrs)
Reduces potential for mold & mildew growth
No additional prep time, easy to apply, rapid curing; ready to install next day
Used over cementitous leveling compounds, environmentally friendly
Low odor, no VOCs & low perm rating
Shelf Life1 year, unopened
Freeze/Thaw StableYes, to 10 F (-12 C)
VOC ContentZero g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168
Open Time8-24 hours when tack free
Working Time60 minutes (working times may vary based on job conditions, substrates, temperature and humidity)
SubstratesConcrete, properly mixed and applied portland cement-based underlayments, primed, properly prepared poured-in-place gypsum subfloors (dust free)

MSDS: Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.


Environmental Information:
LEED Credits: N/A

WARRANTY: Refer to the warranty for the floor covering.

DO NOT USE OVER: Subfloors that are not Portland cement-based such as vinyl, vinyl tile, wood subfloors and wood composites.

Order and Warehouse Information
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12)
Carton Item No.
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12) - 00135104
1.1-gallon - 00135108
2.2-gallon - 00135208
.946L - S-135104
3,78L - S-135108
7,57L - S-135208
Item/Carton UPC
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12) -
0 42369 38607 4
1.1-gallon - 0 42369 38608 1
2.2-gallon - 0 42369 38609 8
.946L - 0 42369 38613 5
3,78L - 0 42369 38614 2
7,57L - 0 42369 38615 9
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12) -
11.56”L x 7”W x 6.06”H
1.1-gallon - 17"L x 10”W x 10”H
2.2-gallon - 12”L x 12.25”W x 19.5”H
.946L - 11.56”L x 7”W x 6.06”H
3,78L - 17"L x 10”W x 10”H
7,57L - 12”L x 12.25”W x 19.5”H
Carton Weight
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12)- 3.66 lbs
1.1-gallon - 13.23 lbs
2.2-gallon - 24.75 lbs
.946L - 3.66 lbs
3,78L - 13.23 lbs
7,57L - 24.75 lbs
Items per Carton
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12) -
Part A .56 Quart,
Part B .44 Quart
1.1-gallon - Part A .60 Gallon,
Part B .50 Gallon
2.2-gallon - 1.19 Gallons,
Part B 1.01 Gallons
.946L - Part A .56 Quart,
Part B .44 Quart
3,78L - Part A .60 Gallon,
Part B .50 Gallon
7,57L - 1.19 Gallons,
Part B 1.01 Gallons
Cartons per Pallet
1-quart (Discontinued 5/29/12) - 120
1.1-gallon - 32
2.2-gallon - 27
.946L - 120
3,78L - 32
7,57L - 27

PRODUCT OVEVIEW: The professional VapArrest S-135 system is designed to reduce water vapor transmission through concrete. When applied as recommended, the system will reduce water vapor transmissions up to 75% in areas with vapor transmissions as high as 12 lb./1000 sf/24 hrs. Using VOC free technology, this two-part epoxy system is easily applied with a medium nap paint roller in a 6 mil thickness and dries to full cure within 24 hours. A film thickness gauge is provided with each unit to assist in application at the proper spread rate. The design of VapArrest S-135 allows it to be applied after all floor preparation is complete including leveling, flattening and patching of the concrete.