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Product Status: Product InformationProduct Status Date:
Warranty:Limited 5-Year Commercial Flooring Products Warranty
Gauge:0.080" (80 mils) (2.0 mm) overall (nominal)
0.020" (20 mils) (0.5 mm) wear layer (nominal)
Width:6' 7" (2 m) up to 72' (22m) long
Shipping Weight:6.60 lbs/sq yd
Gloss:(typical value) 18 - 22
Location:All grade levels
System:Commercial Vinyl-Backed Installation System
Pattern Match:No; reverse edges (TM edge to TM edge)
Seams:Recess scribe slightly open. Seams must be heat welded
Fitting: All methods
Adhesives: Full Spread S-543, S-599 or S-230*; S-240, Perimeter Plus S-543, S-599and S-230*; S-240, S-580 in flash cove areas only
Packaging:Roll Size: 30-43.06 sq yds (Min-Max)

Special Precautions and Recommendations:
  1. Refer to the Commercial Vinyl-Backed Installation System for complete installation recommendations.
  2. Seams may be recess scribed slightly open [1/64" (0.4mm)] to make guiding the router easier. Use of theS-65 Heat Welding Nozzle(discontinued) will reduce scorching and the shiny appearance at seams.
  3. Do not install over existing on-grade or below-grade tile.
  4. The lines on the back of SAFEGUARD represent trademark edges.
  5. When installing several rolls in one area, SAFEGUARD sheet flooring must be installed in sequential order. Refer to section on Starting the Job for complete details for Roll/Label Identification and Installation.
  6. Armstrong commercial flooring is used in many applications where it is subjected to heavy concentrated static and dynamic loads. For questions regarding product suitability and detailed instructions for floor preparation and installation in these types of applications, please contact Armstrong.
  7. SAFEGUARD is designed for slip retardance, floor polish is not recommended. Most floor polishes will adversely affect the slip-retardant properties. Maintain by traditional dry mopping, wet mopping and scrubbing procedures. Do not buff or burnish. The use of scrubbing brushes is highly recommended (do not use stiff bristle brush or highly abrasive brushes).

*S-230 Discontinued 12/6/10 replaced with S-240

LEED Credits FloorScore™ certified
LEED Credit Information - Commercial
Vinyl Sheet Sustainable Design Information
FloorScore Certificate

Manufacturing Location: Sweden

MSDS: Vinyl Sheet MSDS

MATERIAL, PATTERN AND COLORS: An embossed wear layer composed of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers and stabilizers with uniformly dispersed mineral aggregate grit on a glass mat-reinforced filled vinyl backing

Maintenance Products:
Cleaner: S-485, S-401

Maintenance Recommendations:
Specialty Sheet Maintenance Recommendations

REFERENCE SPECIFICATIONS: ASTM F 1303 - Meets physical property requirements for overall thickness, residual indentation, flexibility, resistance to chemicals, resistance to heat and resistance to light. SAFEGUARD products have unique characteristics and are not described by ASTM standards.

STATIC LOAD LIMIT: ASTM F 970 (modified); 500 psi (35.16 kg/sq cm) DURABILITY: Very Good



NATIONAL AVERAGE INSTALLED COST PER SQUARE FOOT: Warranty: Limited 5-Year Commercial Flooring Products Warranty