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Eye and Skin Irritant

For the following Commercial and Residential uses:

TypeLatex-based liquid primer
ApplicatorShort nap paint roller or coarse fiber brush
Units and CoverageGallon - 400 sq.ft.
4 Gallon - 1600 sq.ft.
Coverage depends on the porosity of the subfloor
Shelf LifeOne year, unopened
Freeze/Thaw StableNo, keep from freezing
Floor PreparationAll surfaces must be clean and free of dirt, oil, grease, plaster, curing compounds, adhesives* and other foreign matter. Concrete floors must be free of excess moisture and/or alkali.
ApplicationApply S-185 liberally with a short nap paint roller or a coarse fiber brush. Avoid puddling. Use full strength. Do not dilute. Do not apply at temperatures below 32F (0C) or above 100F (38C). Allow to dry thoroughly before applying patches, underlayments or latex adhesives. Drying time will vary with job site conditions. Use this product with positive fresh air ventilation. A slight odor of latex may be present until material dries.
Clean UpClean tools with water before material dries.
VOC Content0 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1113
Ammonia-free and low odor
Contain low or no organic solvents
Contain no reportable hazardous substances (per current regulations)
*Some previously manufactured asphaltic "cutback" adhesives contained asbestos. For removal instructions, refer to the Resilient Floor Covering Institute's publication Recommended Work Practices for Removal of Resilient Floor Coverings.

MSDS: Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional product information.


WARRANTY: When Armstrong S-185 is used with a recommended Armstrong floor application, the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System warranty applies.

Order and Warehouse Information
Item No.
1-gallon - 00185408
4-gallon - 00185418
Item/Carton UPC
1-gallon - 042369162647
Carton –10042369162644
4-gallon - 042369070584
Carton Weight
1-gallon - 36 lbs.
4-gallon - 35.7 lbs.
Items per Carton
1-gallon - 4/carton
4-gallon - 1/carton
Cartons per Pallet
1-gallon - 36
1-gallon - 48