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Floor Expert Key Additions and Changes 
 - March 2019 -

Installation & Maintenance Services can assist with field maintenance visits and training, please email to coordinate a training.
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Dates added to AFI Installation School Training, Lancaster, PA
June 11 & 12 
Level III Commercial Certification (Inner Circle Exclusive)
June 13 & 14 Level II Commercial Certification- Heat Welding Flash Cove

June 17-19 Heat Welding and Flash Cove Training
Follow link below for course description and registration below:

 ​​​1.  Added Venetian Marble SKU’s to Duality Premium and CS Better with Diamond 10 - launching soon.
2.  Added Migrations with Diamond 10 Product Page - launching soon.
3.  Added Commercial Maintenance instructions for Pryzm , Luxe Plank with Rigid Core, Rigid Core Vantage and Rigid Core Elements.

4.  Removed Everseal requirement from Pryzm Installation for light commercial/commercial install. Use only where needed.

5.  Added to Pryzm Installation  6 mil polyfilm is recommended over concrete subfloor and required over high moisture concrete listed below:   
  • Over concrete subfloors we recommend using 6 mil polyfilm moisture barrier. If excessive moisture, over 90% RH, is present or if slab moisture cannot be verified, the use of a 6 mil polyfilm moisture barrier is required. The moisture barrier should be overlapped six inches and taped at the seams.
6.  New product information page for 1/2" Capella Maple Scrape Engineered Hardwood .
7.  Turlington Lock & Fold Engineered Hardwood gloss level changed from low to medium.

    Additional Information
    Additional Information