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Floor Expert Key Additions and Changes 
 - May 2019 -

Installation & Maintenance Services can assist with field maintenance visits and training, please email to coordinate a training.
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Resilient Product Additions

1.     Added S-762 Weld Rod Coating Pen Product page.

2.     Added 5 new Alterna Planks with Diamond 10 SKUS in 8"x48" plank size. 

3.     Added 6 new Audacity Trim SKUs to the Laminate Transition and Moulding Page

    Resilient Installation/Maintenance Updates

    1.      Added to Installation Guide for Vantage, Luxe with Rigid Core and Rigid Core Elements the following statement on Floor Flatness:  

    “Variations in subfloor flatness should not exceed 3/16˝ in 10´ (4.76 mm in 3.05 m) or 1/8˝ in 6´ (3.17 mm in 1.83 m). Level floors with a suitable cement-based self-leveling underlayment following the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.”

    Additional Information
    Additional Information