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Armstrong Certified Installer Program

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Please reference the attachment at the bottom of the article for detailed ACIP Benefits Summary.

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The Armstrong Flooring Certified Installer Program may be just your ticket. Are you an experienced flooring installer? Do you have years of expertise in hardwood, residential resilient, laminate, commercial resilient, or luxury vinyl tile installations? If so, we want you! As an Armstrong Flooring Certified Installer, you'll receive some great benefits that will make your life easier. As a sponsoring retailer/contractor using Armstrong Flooring Certified Installers, you'll receive some great benefits also that will make your company more competitive.
  • WEBSITE RECOGNITION ... Listed on as a retailer using Armstrong Flooring Certified Installers. The website receives thousands of hits daily as consumers use their computers to research big ticket purchases. Commercial customers seek qualified contractors for their install. Additionally, our customer service and sales teams are talking to customers daily about using Armstrong Flooring Certified Installers.
  • DIFFERENTIATES YOUR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FROM YOUR COMPETITION ... "We have the best installers because we use Armstrong Flooring Certified Installers."
  • HELPS REDUCE CLAIMS ... By enhancing installer's knowledge and skills, providing technical support for installing Armstrong Flooring brand flooring.
  • INCREASED INSTALLER PRIDE AND MOTIVATION ... By recognition from Armstrong Flooring of dedicated, quality minded installers and the accomplishment of passing a rigorous hands-on and written test. "This certification is not a rubber stamp."
  • FINANCIAL BENEFITS TO ENHANCE THE INSTALLATION WARRANTY ... Financial incentives for claims, due to installer error or defective Armstrong Flooring materials, make it worth the installer's effort to complete the course, use correct techniques on the job, and even stop a job if materials are defective or would preclude a good installation.  
The Armstrong Flooring Certified Installer Program (ACIP) has been expanded and now provides the opportunity for installers to be certified in the following product categories: laminate, commercial resilient, luxury vinyl tile, residential resilient, and hardwood. The program goal is to motivate installers to use the techniques and materials that will allow installation jobs to be done correctly, and, therefore, minimize end-user dissatisfaction and claims.

ACIP courses instruct and test installers in the traditional methods of layout and fitting. They review techniques including freehand knifing, straight scribing and pattern scribing, seam cutting procedures such as double-cut, recess scribe, and heat welding. In addition, the courses include a refresher on the installation systems required for residential sheet vinyl and tile, residential and light commercial laminate, commercial sheet, luxury vinyl tile flooring and hardwood flooring. Topics include the recommended adhesives, seam treatments, pattern matching and estimating. Prior experience is required, as these are not introductory courses. Rather, they are meant as a quick refresher that allows Armstrong Flooring to verify that installers who pass are truly experts at what they do. A person who wishes to become an installer should take one of the introductory installation courses also offered locally or in Lancaster, PA.