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S-392 Static Dissipative Tile Polish "Product Information"

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Product Attributes

Use: Commercial
Use For: Armstrong Excelon SDT Static Dissipative Tile
    Spread Rate:
    1,500 to 2,000 square feet/gallon per coat
      • Specifically designed to enhance the appearance of Armstrong Static Dissipative Tile while maintaining proper electrical characteristics.
      • Dries bright without buffing.
      • Flexible - Can damp mop or spray buff.
      • Strips easily.
      • New pleasant fragrance.
      • Metal cross-linked acrylic copolymer
      • Meets the ASTM D2047 Standard for slip resistance on dry floors
      • pH of 8.7 - 8.9.
        Shelf Life:
        Two years if not opened. Keep from freezing.
          Available Units:
          Gallon - 4 gal/ctn
            VOC Content: <1%; as required by California General Consumer Products Rule, California Code of Regulations
            STORAGE: Keep from freezing.
            Order & Warehouse Information
            Order and Warehouse Information
            1 gallon
            Item No.
            Item UPC
            10042369114018 - Carton
            042369114011 - Bottle
            16"L x 11"W x 14"H
            Carton Weight
            36.57 lbs (16.3 kg/ctn)
            Items per Carton
            Cartons per Pallet
            Directions for Use
            FLOOR PREP:
            • Sweep or vacuum thoroughly
            • Wash with S-485 Armstrong Floor Cleaner using dilution ratio for "automatic scrubber"
            • Rinse thoroughly
            • OR
            • Damp mop
            • Let floor dry
            POLISH - LOW TRAFFIC:
            • Apply 3 to 5 coats
            • Pour polish into a clean bucket (never pour polish directly onto floor)
            • Use a clean finish mop (rayon) or finish applicator
            • Let dry 60 minutes between coats
            POLISH - HIGH TRAFFIC:
            • Follow instructions above for Low Traffic; then
            • Spray buff
              Apply 1 or 2 extra coats

            Note: Do not allow traffic on the floor for 6 to 8 hours after final coat of polish (overnight if possible). Do not perform any additional wet maintenance procedures until last coat of polish has cured a minimum of 72 hours.
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