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12mm Specialty Laminate "Product Information"

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Product Information
Gauge:12 mm gauge product
Width:5.6" (L0244)
5.31" (L3083)
Use:Residential, Light Commercial
Shipping Weight:See packaging specifications below.
Gloss:Level: 13-30 / Semi-Gloss
No additional information for this field.
Product Attributes
LEED / Environmental
Technical Information
Manufacturing Location: Check Packaging for Country of Origin

ASTM E 648 Critical Radiant Flux - 0.45 watts/sq. cm. or more - Class I
Numerical flammability ratings alone may not define the performance of the product under actual fire conditions. These ratings are provided only for use in the selection of products to meet the specified limits.

IndentationASTM F 970
ASTM F 970 
0.0 in. @ 125 psi– no visually apparent indentation

0.0 in. @ 1500 psi– no visually apparent indentation

Slip ResistanceASTM D 2047Static coefficient of friction greater than 0.50
Wear Resistance/Taber AbraderprEN 13329IP Class 4  4000-6500 rev.
Impact ResistanceprEN 13329IC 1 > 10 N/ > 800 mm
Dimensional StabilityEN 438-2.9Less than 0.3% @ 24°C and 30 to 90% RH
Gloss60° SpecularPlanks: 15 to 21
Scratch ResistanceEN 438-2.14Equal or greater than 3 Newtons
Stain ResistanceEN 438-2.15Excellent resistance
Light StabilityEN 438-2.16No change
Cigarette BurnEN 438-2.17No effect > Grade 4
Boiling Water ResistanceASTM D 2571No effect
Impact Sound Transmission
ASTM E 492 and
ASTM E 989
Impact Insulation Class 54 (with 2 in 1 Foam Underlayment)*
*Over a "California" lightweight concrete-capped wooden subfloor
Formaldehyde EmissionsEN 120Low-emitting wood product: Compliant with CARB ATCM for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products.

Impact Insulation Class
"California" lightweight concrete-capped wooden subfloor
ASTM E 492
12mm laminate flooring achieves an IIC rating of >60.
Impact Insulation Class
1" Gyp-crete over plywood subfloor/ceiling assembly
ASTM E 49212mm laminate flooring achieves an IIC rating of >60.
Sound Transmission Class
1" Gyp-crete over plywood subfloor/ceiling assembly
 ASTM E 9012mm laminate flooring achieves an STC rating of >60.

Location:All grade levels.
System:Lock & Fold - Laminate Installation Instructions
Pattern Match:End joints of all boards should be staggered 8" (20.32 cm) or more.
Adhesives: Armstrong EverSeal to be used in:
- Full Bathroom installations (residential only) - 100% silicone caulk must be used around the entire perimeter and a 3/32" bead of glue on the top of the tongue ONLY.
- Light Commercial & Commercial Installations- Must be installed using a 3/32" (2.4 mm) bead of glue on the END groove ONLY. Place opened cartons of planks in the room where they are to be installed for at least 48 hours. In drier climates below 25% RH or very humid climates above 60% RH allow 96 hours of acclimation time. Example: dry environments such as Colorado and Arizona and wet environments such as Florida and Georgia.
Recommended Underlayments:

(S-1837) Quiet Comfort Underlayment
(S-1836) Quiet Comfort Premium Underlayment
Care and Maintenance
Product Data Table
Packaging Specifications

Plank size5.6" x 15.75" x .47" (142mm x 400mm x 12mm)
5.6" x 31.50" x .47" (142mm x 800mm x 12mm)
5.6" x 47.83" x .47" (142mm x 1215mm x 12 mm)
Plank square footage5.6" x 15.75" x .47"       .61 sq.ft.
5.6" x 31.50" x .47"       1.22 sq.ft.
5.6" x 47.83" x .47"       1.86 sq.ft.
Pieces per carton12 (4 pcs per length)
Square footage per carton14.77 sq. ft.
Carton dimensions6.18" x 48.78" x 3.94" (157mm x 1239mm x 100mm)
Carton weight33.39 lbs (15,53 kg)
Cartons per pallet54 ctns

Plank size47.44" x 5.31” x .47”   (1205 mm x 135 mm x 12 mm)
Plank square footage1.30 sq ft (0.17 sqm)
Pieces per carton8
Square footage per carton14.01 sq ft (1.30 sq m)
Carton dimensions48.23" x 5.87" x 3.78" (1225 mm x 149 mm x 96 mm)
Carton weight48
Cartons per pallet29.10 lbs (13.20 kg)
Baby Threshold is not available with the Z ending code refer to Multi-purpose Reducer.
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