ASTM F 2169 Resilient Stair Treads



This specification is issued under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee F06 on Resilient Floor Coverings.
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Scope: This specification covers resilient treads made of rubber and vinyl for interior use.

Type TS – Rubber, vulcanized thermoset
Type TP – Rubber, thermoplastic
Type TV – Vinyl, thermoplastic

Class 1 – Smooth (flat)
Class 2 – Pattern: embossed, grooved or ribbed

Group 1 – Abrasive strips embedded
Group 2 – Contrasting color for visually impaired

Nosing Styles Include: round, square, and with riser

Performance Requirements: Hardness – not less than 85 Shore A

Resistance to Chemicals: No more than a slight change in surface dulling, surface attach or staining against: 5% acetic acid, 70% isopropyl alcohol, 5% sodium hydroxide, 5% hydrochloric acid, 5% sulfuric acid, 5% ammonia, 5.25% bleach, 5% active phenol disinfectant, white mineral oil, olive oil, unleaded gas, kerosene

Resistance to Heat: 7 days at 158oF, maximum color change not greater than 8 delta E

Dimensions and Permissible Variations: Thickness – as specified + 0.031 inches

Length: Not less than nominal

Depth: – as specified + 0.125 inches

Use: Commercial and Light CommercialCertified to ASTM F 2169
Rubber Stair TreadsType TP, Class 2
Updated on October 26, 2022