Bruce Fresh Finish Urethane Top Coat DATA SHEET


Bruce Fresh Finish Urethane Top Coat SDS

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential
Type: Urethane Top Coat
Spread Rate: Approximately 500 sq. ft. per quart (46.45 m2)
Advantages: Easy clean-up with water
Appearance: Milky white color in bottle – dries clear
Drying Time: 1-3 hours
Shelf Life: 1 year (from date of manufacture) if not opened.
5 digit batch number is printed on back or bottom of bottle. First 2 digits are year, last 3 digits are day of the year. Do not store above 120°F (49°C).
Available Units: 32 oz. Item Numbers: W165 (English/Spanish)
VOC Content: Does not exceed 275 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1113
Regulated for VOC content in the State of California under South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1113. This product is classified as a ‘Clear Wood Finish’.
This rule establishes a maximum VOC content per liter of coating (less water and exempt compounds) of 275 g/L for this product category. The VOC content of the Fresh Finish is under this regulatory limit.

Size32 oz
Item No.W165
Item UPC988025460

Product Features

Bruce Fresh Finish is a quick and easy way to bring new life to your Bruce pre-finished urethane hardwood floor. Simply clean, apply and let dry for a lasting, freshly finished look.

Application Instructions

Bruce Fresh Finish should be used only on pre-finished urethane hardwood floors. It is NOT intended for use on hardwood floors that have been waxed with paste wax or acrylic waxes or maintained with oils or oil based products.


  1. Sweep, dust mop or vacuum the entire floor.
  2. Clean the floor with Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner. Spray cleaner directly onto floor or onto mop cover.
  3. Clean one 4′ x 4′ area at a time by using a back and forth motion with the mop. Finish one area before moving to the next. Do not allow puddles of cleaner to remain on floor.
  4. Turn the terry cloth cover over to a fresh surface as it becomes soiled or replace with a new mop cover.
  5. Floor must be thoroughly dry before applying Fresh Finish.

To obtain consistent appearance, the entire floor should be coated.

  1. Rock Bruce Fresh Finish container back and forth several times to thoroughly re-mix contents before opening.
  2. Pour Bruce Fresh Finish into a clean flat pan, such as a paint roller tray.
  3. Apply with a new, clean, dampened sponge mop or paint pad. The applicator, even if new, should be thoroughly rinsed before use as contamination may affect results.
  4. Dip the applicator into the flat pan and gently remove excess liquid to minimize applying too much product onto the floor. Spread a thin layer with the applicator in long even strokes in the direction of the wood grain. We recommend applying Bruce Fresh Finish in small areas, 3-4 floor boards wide, moving down the length of the floor. Repeat this pattern until the entire floor has been coated.
  5. Avoid applying heavy coats of Bruce Fresh Finish. Instead, apply two thin coats if necessary. Be sure to allow proper dry time between coats.
  6. Allow to dry for one hour (longer in humid areas) before applying additional coats. Light traffic is permitted within 2-3 hours. Wait 24 hours before heavy traffic or furniture replacement.
  7. Destroy excess materials; do not return to container or retain product for future use.

Do not use Bruce Fresh Finish more than 3-4 times per year to avoid build-up. Do not clean with chemical cleaners for 2 weeks following application.

NOTE: Do not reuse container. Dispose of container and content’s residue in accordance with federal, state and local waste disposal.

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Updated on January 11, 2023