Bruce Fresh Finish Technical Document

When the appearance of a pre-finished urethane hardwood floor coated with Bruce Fresh Finish is unacceptable there are several options. Please refer to Bruce Fresh Finish Technical Document below.

Bruce Fresh Finish Technical Document

Bruce Fresh Finish® is a regular gloss water based urethane finish that adds shine and protects from nicks and scratches. This 275 g/l VOC formula can be used in the most stringent of regulated states and it qualifies as a coating that can be used under LEED requirements. The polymers and resins that are used in this permanent wood floor coating are formulated to protect your wood floors.

Even the most durable water-based wood floor coating will eventually wear over time. If you are not happy with the appearance of your wood floor that has been coated with Bruce Fresh finish you have several options;

  • Clean the floor and apply another coat of Bruce Fresh Finish.
  • Follow application instructions on the back label of Bruce Fresh Finish.
  • Aggressively clean the floor
  • For full removal, follow instructions in the document, “Intensive Wood Floor Cleaning” See attachment below. IFT distributors can be located at:
  • Abrade and recoat the floor
    • This should best be done by a wood flooring contractor.
    • A homeowner may abrade the floor by hand sanding the floor with a light grit sanding paper. It is not advisable to use grit sandpaper that is coarser than 120 grit.
    • Once the coating has been removed and the floor is cleaned properly from the sanding process, a new coating will need to be applied to cover the scratches and return the shine.  
  • Sand and Finish the floor
    • It is recommended to hire a professional wood flooring contractor for the sand and finish process. (Note: Some hardwood floors cannot be sanded).
    • This process completely removes all existing finish from the floor and returns the floor to a bare wood state. Then, several coats of a wood floor finish are applied.

Updated on October 21, 2022

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