Bruce Cleaning System- Replacement Microfiber Mop Cover DATA SHEET

Product Information

Size1 replacement cover per package
Item No.CKRC01B (English/Spanish)
CKRC02B (English/French) (Disc 3/22)
Item UPC42369544726 (English/Spanish)
42369554930 (English/French)
Weight3.5 lbs/ctn
Items Per Carton10

Product Features

  • Available at Lowe’s and Independent Retailers
  • Use on any hard surface floor.
  • Microfiber, hook and loop fastened mop cover is machine washable, makes cleaning easy, convenient and economical
  • Lifts and traps dirt, dust particles, and pet hair for maximum cleaning
  • Contains millions of fiber edges to grab debris, and then release only when cover is washed
  • Prevents dirt from transferring across surfaces during cleaning
  • Size: 5″ x 16″ (127 mm x 406.4 cm)

Product Image

Lowe’s Lowes

Updated on October 21, 2022