Bruce Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Refill DATA SHEET


Bruce Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner SDS

NOTE: Do not reuse container. Dispose of container and content’s residue in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential, Light Commercial, Commercial
Type: Use to refill Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Spray Bottle.
Available Units: 1/2 Gallons – 64 fl. oz. (946 ml), 1 Gallon – 128 fl. oz. (1892 ml)
VOC Content: 0.8%
Shelf Life: 2 years (from date of manufacture) if not opened
Storage: If frozen, allow to thaw at room temperature before using.
Manufacturing Location: USA

Language English/French/Spanish
Item No. BMSFC102: 64 fl. oz. (English/Spanish)
BMSFC112: 64 fl. oz. (English/French) (Disc)
BMSFC103: 128 fl. oz. (English/Spanish) Disc)
BMSFC111: 128 fl. oz. (English/French) (Disc)
Item UPC BMSFC102: 840051513308
BMSFC112: 840051513421 (Disc)
BMSFC103: 840051513315 (Disc)
BMSFC111: 840051513414 (Disc)
Weight N/A
Items per Carton BMSFC102: 4 each 64 fl. oz. (English/Spanish)
BMSFC112: 4 each 64 fl. oz. (English/French)
BMSFC103: 2 each 128 fl. oz. (English/Spanish)
BMSFC111: 2 each 128 fl. oz. (English/French)

Application Instructions

For tile, vinyl, stone, and ceramic floors

  1. Sweep or vacuum the floor.
  2. Spray cleaner onto floor
  3. Clean with a fresh mop

Product Images

64oz Multi-Surface Cleaner 128oz Multi-Surface Cleaner
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is BMSFC102.pngThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bruce-Multi-Surface-128oz.png

Updated on December 5, 2023