Cracks In Sheet Flooring

MECHANIC CRACKS: Cracks caused by mechanic during installation. Usually occur at inside or outside corners, especially where large pieces must drop around a corner. Can also readily occur wherever a toe kick is involved. Breaks or cracks can occur in field area quite a distance from the corner.

COLD CRACKS: Usually caused by damage in shipment – dropping roll on end or other abuse.  Usually easy to identify as they will repeat themselves according to the circumference of the roll. A 12″ diameter roll will repeat every 36″ or a 6″ diameter roll every 18″.

CRACKS AT OUTSIDE CORNERS: Also due to mishandling material, especially if material is cold.  Sometimes these cracks can be prevented by taping the corners before the flooring is dropped into place and by making sure the building has a permanent heat source working.

Most mechanics can and will spend time to make what they think are good repairs.  By placing two cracked edges together and rolling, they can hide the cracks.  With time, the cracks collect dirt and the consumer thinks the floor is just beginning to crack.  These complaints could be prevented if the mechanic would seal or coat the cracks in the same way that seams with that particular floor are handled.

Updated on May 12, 2023