Elliptical Star Inset – Sheet Flooring Installation



The elliptical star requires two colors of sheet flooring and should be set into a third color. Its size may be adjusted to suit the needs of the area where it is installed.

  1. First draw a straight line AB on the material and erect a perpendicular line CD through the center point E (Fig. 1).
  2. Use the length of line EB (2-1/2′) to mark points F and G by measuring from D. Place thumbtacks at F and G (Fig.
Figure 1
Figure 2
  1. Hold the ends of a string at G and loop the string (indicated by the dotted line) over tack F. Place a pencil against the inside of the loop, draw the string to D and hold the free ends together at G. Draw an ellipse through DBC and A by pressing the pencil firmly against the taut string (Fig. 3).
  2. Find the midpoints H, I, J and K of each quarter of the ellipse with a pair of dividers. Locate points L, M, N and O midway on lines ED, EC, EA and EB. Use the length of line EO to mark points P and Q by measuring from O and draw the small ellipse (Fig. 4).
Figure 3
Figure 4
  1. Mark R as the midpoint between EC and EH. Mark S, T, U, V, W, X and Y in the same way and draw lines from each of them. Draw lines CR, RH, HS, SB, BT, TI, IV, UD, DV, VJ, JW, WA, AX, XK, KY and YC to complete drawing the star (Fig. 5).
  2. Cut out sections for which second color is to be substituted. Remove these pieces and place the long side against a straightedge on top of the color to be inserted into the star. Use the piece as a template and cut along the two short sides. Remove the piece and cut along the straightedge to form the third side. Insert the sections into the star and tape the pieces together. Position the star on the third color and tape it down. Score around the entire star and set it aside. Cut along the scored lines and replace with the two-colored star (Fig. 6).
Figure 5
Figure 6
Updated on May 12, 2023