Bruce, Hartco, Robbins, Capella, and Parterre Engineered Hardwood with Densitek™ Core: Features and Benefits

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Engineered Hardwood with Densitek™ Core

AHF Products has modernized our domestically-produced engineered hardwood construction with Densitek™ core, providing higher performance and faster installation, when compared to traditional plywood core. Made up of layers, engineered hardwood with Densitek™ core is constructed with a 100% natural wood veneer top, Densitek™ core and 100% wood bottom. Densitek™ core is an engineered wood composite material created by compressing real wood fibers. It is more dense and less porous than solid wood or wood veneer, offering greater dent resistance, dimensional stability and moisture resistance.

Increased hardness of more than 33% versus plywood core*Greater durability with higher impact- and dent-resistance;
Fewer claims
Greater dimensional stability and moisture resistance**Less edge peaking, swelling and warping and fewer claims;
Works over concrete slabs, in basements and in rooms with
radiant heating systems
Improved plank flatness and profile uniformityFaster installation, less waste, better visual appeal
Now available in 5´ length boards for domestically-produced
tongue and groove products
Faster installation, better visual appeal
No acclimation needed and can be installed below grade***Faster installation in all grade levels
Higher utilization of harvested timberLower impact on the environment

*Based on Janka hardness scale tests comparing AHF Products engineered hardwood with Densitek™ Core technology to engineered hardwood with plywood core (5-ply construction). Results reflect testing completed using 3/8˝ Northern Red Oak and 5/16˝ Southern Red Oak.

**Based on 24 hour percent water absorption tests comparing AHF Products 3/8˝ engineered hardwood with Densitek™ Core technology to engineered hardwood with plywood core (5-ply construction). 

***When AHF Products installation instructions and NWFA Guidelines are followed.

American National Standard Institute (ANSI/HPVA EF 2012) defines engineered wood flooring as a product composed of an assembly of wood layers or plies of veneers or in combination with lumber core, particleboard, MDF core, hardboard core, special core or special back material joined with adhesive.
TSCA Title VI and CARB 93120 HWPW Phase 2 compliant.

Updated on February 8, 2024

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