Flush-Fit Stairnose for 5mm and 6mm Rigid Core Plank – Product and Installation Information

Product Features

  • Used to finish the end of a step
  • Surface: Wear resistant
  • Core Material: Rigid PVC
  • Length: 94″ (238.76 cm)

Installation Procedures

  1. Measure and trim to fit.
  2. Apply a generous bead of construction adhesive along the underside of the stairnose.
  3. Carefully roll the stair nose into place against the front of the step, making sure the transition is in place. Once the transition is in its desired position, press down firmly over the entire stair nose, making certain the transition is in place and tight against the riser. For added security, use finishing nails.

For 5mm and 6mm Plank

Updated on December 20, 2022