Installing Sheet Flooring On A Radius Cove System

  1. Install cap strip and cove strip per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Recommended fitting procedure is pattern scribing.
  3. Install the radius first.
  4. Draw a reference line 1/4″ down from the top of the cove stick.
  5. Measure from the reference line on the cove stick up the cove to the top of the cap strip. This will give you the width of the radius cove.
  6. It is very important not to measure down the cove stick more than 1/4″. This will cause the seam to peak.
  7. Measure the radius to be installed and add one foot. This measurement will give you the length of the radius cove and place the side seams of the radius 6″ away from the radius. Do not place side seams on the radius.
  8. Cut out the radius band by straight edging all four sides. This will be your seam edges.
  9. Bond the band of flooring to the radius using the recommended adhesive.
  10. Remember – place the seam 1/4″ down from the top of the cove stick.
  11. Pattern scribe.
  12. When cutting in the pattern felt, stay no more than 1/8″ away from the radius cove seam areas.
  13. When making your pattern at the radius cove areas, close your dividers as close together as possible. This will give you a very accurate scribe.
  14. Use your dividers at the side seams as well as the seam that is 1/4″ down from the cove stick.
  15. Place the pattern on the flooring to be installed.
  16. Transfer the pattern onto the flooring.
  17. Straight edge the scribe lines that represent the side seams and the seam on the cove stick.
  18. Cut out the remaining pattern.
  19. Lock the fit material into the room.
  20. Spread the recommended adhesive.
  21. Place flooring into the adhesive.
  22. Make sure you have areas that lock the material into place.
  23. Warm the seams at the radius cove areas and place the straight edged seams together.
  24. Roll all flat areas with a 100-lb. roller and flash cove areas with a hand roller.
  25. Place recommended seam treatment at all seams.
Updated on May 12, 2023