Parterre Light Reflectivity Values for Connectivity & Instinct LVT

Light Reflectivity – Why it’s Important

All light reflectivity values listed are based on a percentage system, the higher the percentage (eg. 20-24, 35-39), the higher the light reflectance of the floor. It is measured per ASTM E1349, Standard Test Method for Reflectance Factor and Color by Spectrophotometry Using Bidirectional (45°:0° or 0°:45°) Geometry.

Research indicates reflectance can help drive daylight further into space and reduce reliance on artificial lighting, resulting in reduced electricity usage and costs. Glare from flooring is a characteristic of glossy finishes, not reflectance. Flooring in lighter colors with a matte finish have high reflectance values, but do not add to glare. Flooring with light reflectivity values great than 25% can contribute to the LEED® Interior Lighting Credit.

Value   Connectivity™Instinct™
0-9 412DS138 412DS108, 406DS208
10-14412DM128, 412DS134, 412DM126 407DW401, 412DS107, 406DS207, 412DS105, 406DS205, 412DW305, 406DW408
15-19 412DM124, 412DM127 412DS111, 406DS211, 412DM116, 406DM216, 412DW303, 406DW406, 412DS104, 406DS204
20-24 407DW408, 412DS119, 406DS219 412DW304, 406DW407, 12DW302, 412DW405
25-29 407DW405, 412DM125, 412DS135,407DW406, 412DS137, 412DS123, 406DS223, 412DS133407DW400, 407DW402, 412DS103, 406DS203
30-34 412DS118, 406DS218 412DS102, 406DS202, 412DW301, 406DW404, 412DS110, 406DS210, 412DM114, 406DM214
35-39 407DW407, 412DS132, 412DS122, 406DS222, 412DS117, 406DS217412DM115, 406DM215, 412DS106, 406DS206, 412DS101, 406DS201
40-44 — 
45-49 412DS131, 407DW404 412DS100, 406DS200, 412DM113, 406DM213, 412DM112, 406DM212
50-54 407DW403, 412DS121, 406DS221, 412DS120, 406DS220412DS109, 406DS209, 412DW300, 406DW403
55-59 — 
60-64 — 
65-69 — 
Updated on March 2, 2023

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