Repair Inset for Modified Loose Lay Fiberglass Residential Sheet Vinyl

Repair Inset Procedure

  1. Cut a piece of matching material slightly larger than the damaged area.
  2. Place repair piece over the damaged area and fasten with double-faced tape. If the material has a pattern, be sure the pattern is aligned correctly.
  3. Double-cut through both the repair piece and the damaged flooring. Be sure not to cut the substrate. Hold a straight bladed knife at a 90-degree angle while cutting the seam. Square edges are important for a professional-looking and hard-to-find repair.
  4. Lift out repair piece and the damaged area.
  5. Center the acrylic double-faced tape under all seams. Be sure not to overlap the tape.
  6. Apply Armstrong Flooring S-763 Seam Adhesive around the perimeter of the opening.
  7. Carefully position the repair piece and roll all seams firmly with a hand roller. Clean any adhesive that might be on the surface.
  8. Protect repaired area until seam treatments have dried.
Updated on April 5, 2024