Repair Inset for Patterned Commercial Sheet Flooring

  1. From a piece of scrap material, cut a matching repair piece that will cover the damaged area. Use a straightedge or square. To hide the seam, make a cut in a grout line or where two different colors meet.
  2. Place repair piece over damaged area and fasten with double-faced tape. Be sure the pattern is aligned correctly.
  3. With the point of a knife, score around the repair piece deep enough to identify the outline of the damaged area to be removed.
  4. Remove the repair piece from the double-faced tape.
  5. Holding the knife perpendicular, cut along the score lines on the damaged piece.
  6. Cut through the middle of the damaged material and peel away from the substrate, being careful not to damage the edges.
  7. Clean residue of adhesive and backing from the substrate, apply adhesive to the back of the repair piece and put in place. Roll with a hand roller and clean off any adhesive that might be on the surface.
  8. Apply seam treatment as recommended for the product being repaired.
  9. Protect repaired area until seam treatments have dried.
Updated on May 12, 2023