Armstrong Flooring Repairing Residential Sheet Flooring Coated Seams

  1. If dirt gets into the wet seam coating within the first minute of applying the coating or if drops of coating fall on the flooring other than at the seam, they can be wiped up immediately with a clean, white cloth dampened with lighter fluid (naphtha).
  2. If dirt gets into partially dried seam coating or if dirt is not detected right away, wait until coating has cured. Protect the flooring material by placing masking tape on either side of the seam coating as tight to the seam coating as possible. Then, using fine sandpaper carefully remove the dirty portions of seam coating and recoat the affected area using the applicator bottle or a cotton swab to apply the S-500. (Discontinued)
  3. S-500 Seam Coating(Discontinued) cannot be removed from surfaces once it has started to set up – usually within a few minutes of application. For that reason, care must be taken when using this product. If the S-500 is spilled on the floor and goes undetected until later, there is nothing that can be done. It usually becomes less noticeable with traffic. DO NOT attempt to remove it as doing so will dull the finish and can cause damage to the flooring surface.
Updated on August 21, 2023