Armstrong Flooring S-1840 Quiet Comfort Luxury Flooring Underlayment DATA SHEET

For Use With

Not for use in areas with heavy rolling loads or static loads greater than 250 psi. Installations of resilient flooring over underlayments such as S-1840 may be more susceptible to indentation.

Product Information

WarrantyLifetime Warranty when used with Armstrong® luxury flooring
30-year warranty when used with other manufacturers’ LVT flooring
Gauge.039″ (1mm)
Width6 ft
Length50 ft
Acoustical DataArmstrong Luxury Flooring 2 mm (.080”) & Quiet Comfort™ Luxury Flooring Underlayment
IIC = 64 over 6” concrete with Suspended Ceiling  (ASTM E 492)
IIC = 53: over Wood Subfloor (lightweight gypsum concrete over ¾” OSB) with Drywall Ceiling
STC = 62 over 6” concrete with Suspended Ceiling (ASTM E 90)
STC = 57: over Wood Subfloor (lightweight gypsum concrete over ¾” OSB) with Drywall Ceiling  
InstallationLocation: All grade levels
Use on concrete, wood underlayment, existing vinyl
System: Floating and Glue-Down Luxury Vinyl Tile installations
Install: See information below
TypeBlack foam roll
AdvantagesFor select Armstrong residential and commercial LVT products.
Acoustical underlayment
Built-in moisture barrier which resists mold and mildew
Cross Linked polypropylene foam
Superior through-the-floor and in-room footfall noise reduction
Exceeds industry standards for moisture protection
Compensates for slight subfloor irregularities
Warranted for the life of the Armstrong luxury flooring
Made in the USA and patent protected
Coverage300 sq. ft. per roll
Manufacturing LocationUSA
Size300 sq ft / roll
Item No.01840101
Item/ UPC042369874328
Dimensions72″ x 6.5″ 
Weight Per Piece6.1 lbs
Weight Per Carton205 lbs
Rolls Per Carton33
Cartons Per Pallet2


S-1840 Quiet Comfort Luxury Flooring Underlayment SDS

Recommended Substrates

Application Instructions

  • Make sure the subfloor is clean, flat, dry and sound. It is important that the subfloor is free of all debris. Check the subfloor for unevenness or protruding objects such as nails or screws.
  • When installing over concrete, the concrete must be dry with moisture vapor emission rate not exceeding 7 lbs. per 1000 square feet per 24 hours as measured by the Calcium Chloride Test and 93% RH using In-situ Probe.
  • Begin in a corner and install the underlayment parallel to the wall in the opposite direction you plan to install the flooring planks. Leave at least 2˝ of excess underlayment up the wall and trim after completing the floor installation. See below for additional installation details.
  • Roll out the next roll of underlayment in the same manner, making sure that the foam seams are butted together. The use of clear 2˝ wide packing tape can be used to attach the seams.
  • When installing Armstrong Quiet Comfort™ Luxury Flooring Underlayment on concrete or below grade subfloors, be sure to tape the seams together with 2˝ tape that meets the moisture vapor transmission rate for this type of installation.
  • All LVT products floating should not be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. It can result in discoloration and excessive temperatures that may cause expansion. The use of drapes or blinds is recommended during peak sunlight exposure. If drapes or blinds are not going to be used and expansion occurs in this area, we recommend adhering this area with S-995, S-295, or S-1000 Adhesive using the fine notch trowel. If using S-1840 underlayment in these areas, the underlayment must be adhered to the subfloor and the LVT adhered to the underlayment.
  • Install the flooring according to Armstrong’s installation instructions.
  • Do not use with S-315 Roll Strong or S-319 Roll Strong

2 Step Installation Process

  • Installation Method by System – Glue or Float
    • For glued LVT installations, glue down underlayment.
    • For floating LVT installations, float underlayment.
  1. Install S-1840 underlayment (for glue down installations, adhesive must be dry to touch. Use a broom to push the S-1840 into the adhesive)
  2. Install floor over underlayment
ProductGlue Down
to Subfloor
Float S-1840 
over Subfloor
Glue Flooring
to S-1840
Float Flooring
Over S-1840
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