Armstrong Flooring S-299 Flooring Adhesive DATA SHEET


EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. Carefully read and follow all cautions and warnings on the product label.
Avoid eye and skin contact.
Use in a well ventilated area.
Keep container closed.
Do not take internally.

CAUTION: Initially there may be a potentially adverse impact on indoor air quality within the general work area during the installation process. During the installation process, adequate ventilation of the work area should be maintained without causing the entry of contaminants to other parts of building. Persons that are sensitive odors and/or chemicals should avoid the work area.


S-299 Flooring Adhesive SDS

For Use With

Product Information

TypeSolvent-free, acrylic adhesive
TaggantsChartreuse and Regal Red
Trowel1/32″ deep, 1/16″ wide, 1/32″ apart, U-Notch
Coverage220-260 sq. ft./gallon (13-16 sq. m.)  
UnitsGallon (3.78 L) and 4 Gallon (15.14 L)
Open TimeDry to Touch 
Working TimeNon Porous- 1 hour 
Porous- Up to 4 hours
Light Traffic24 hours 
Heavy Rolling Loads72 Hours 
RH (ASTM 2170)Up to 95% (sheet) or 99% ( select compatible LVT) on or above grade; 90% for sheet and LVT below grade
pH8-10 on or above grade; 9.0 below grade
Shelf Life2 year, unopened  
Freeze/Thaw Stable Protect from freezing 
Store inside at a temperature of 50 – 90 degrees F. (15-32 C.)
VOC Content0 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168  
Clean UpDry– clean, white cloth and mineral spirits 
Wet– clean, white cloth with neutral detergent and water
SubfloorsAll grade levels of concrete, existing resilient floors, ceramic, terrazzo,  marble, polymeric poured floors and suspended wood
AdvantagesPressure Sensitive, high strength, high tack adhesive.
Backed by the Armstrong Flooring Guaranteed Installation System
Extended open time, fast dry time, and ease of application.  
Carton Item No.1-gallon – 00299108
4-gallon – 00299418
3.78L – 00299108
15.14L – 00299418
Item/Carton UPC1-gallon – 042369995405
4-gallon – 042369995412
3.78L – 042369995405
15.14L – 042369995412
1-gallon –  16″x16″x8.5″
4-gallon – N\A 
3,78L – 16″x16″x8.5″
15.14L – N\A
Carton Weight1-gallon – 36.6 lbs.
4-gallon – 36.5 lbs.
3.78L – 16.3 kg
15.14L – 15.4 kg
Items per Carton1-gallon – 4/ctn
4-gallon pail – Containers sold individually
3.78L – 4/ctn
15.14L pail – Containers sold individually
Cartons per Pallet1-gallon – 36
4-gallon – 48
3.78L – 45
15.14L – 48
Weight per Gallon8.9 lbs4.03 kg 


When Armstrong Flooring S-299 is used with a recommended Armstrong Flooring application, the Armstrong Flooring Guaranteed Installation System warranty applies.


FloorScore Certificates – Adhesives
LEED Credits: EQ 4.1
Sustainable Design Information
LEED Credit Information – Installation Products

Recommended Substrates

Will bond to all substrates listed below, but refer to the flooring installation system for specific installation recommendations:


  • Concrete with excessive moisture and/or alkali
  • Existing cushion-backed resilient flooring
  • Substrates treated with fire-retardant chemicals, fungicides, preservatives, release agents, adhesive removers, sealers, curing compounds or other incompatible treatments

Application Instructions

IMPORTANT: Proper substrate preparations is essential. Moisture and pH testing must be performed and documented before installation begins. Read the Armstrong Flooring Technical Bulletin titled Substrate Preparation for Adhesives for complete instructions before beginning the installation. 

USAGE: Follow Armstrong Flooring’s installation instructions and proper adhesive application rate. All substrate preparation and testing procedures must conform to appropriate ASTM F710 guidelines and comply with Armstrong’s specification.  

NOTE: It is up to the end user to determine the coverage that is appropriate for flooring type and jobsite conditions. A bond test prior to the installation will help identify the appropriate application rate, open and working time, and any potential bonding problems to the substrate or flooring. Follow Armstrong Flooring’s installation instructions and guidelines regarding adhesive application rate and methods.  

SUBSTRATES: Sound and properly prepared concrete (on grade and above) and APA approved wood subflooring. Substrates must be clean and dry, free of dust, dirt, paint, wax, existing adhesives, or other contaminants including curing compounds that may interfere with the adhesive bond. Do not use on chemically cleaned substrates. Asphalt-based or cutback adhesive stains must be removed completely. 

POROUS SUBSTRATES: When installing flooring over porous or non-porous substrates, the adhesive should be allowed to dry to the touch to prevent slippage. Loss of adhesion can result if the flooring is not installed within the 4-hour working time of the adhesive. Roll the installation in both directions with a 100 lbs. roller immediately after the installation is complete.  

NON-POROUS SUBSTRATES: Install sheet into adhesive as it becomes dry to the touch with little or no transfer to finger. This will normally require 45–60 minutes of drying time at suggested installation temperature and humidity. To achieve a satisfactory bond when installing sheet goods over a non-porous substrate, the working time should be limited to no more than 60 minutes after the adhesive has become dry to the touch. Do not install flooring into wet adhesive on non-porous substrates. Roll the installation in both directions with a 100 lbs. roller immediately after flooring is placed.  

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the many additives being entrained or topically coated on concrete substrates, it is critical that a bond test be performed. Some treatments will repel any sealers or adhesives. If usage instructions are not completely followed, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT. 

TRAFFIC: Follow Armstrong Flooring’s installation guidelines; otherwise restrict foot traffic for 24 hours after installation. No heavy traffic, rolling loads or furniture placement for 72 hours after installation. Allow at least 5 days following the installation before conducting wet cleaning procedures or initial maintenance. Additional time may be necessary if the installation is over a non-porous substrate. 

CLEAN UP: Dry– clean, white cloth and mineral spirits Wet– clean, white cloth with neutral detergent and water 

SUBSTRATE CONDITIONS: Armstrong S-299 adhesive may be used for installations over concrete substrates with pH between 8.0 – 12.0 (with limitations). HVAC must be in operation and interior ambient air temperature must be maintained between 65-85°F for at least 48 hours prior to, during and continuously after the testing, preparation, and final installation.

USE OVER: APA approved wood subflooring and above or on grade bare concrete in the absence of hydrostatic moisture/pressure. 

IMPORTANT: Use the specified trowel and replace the trowel blade when worn to ensure proper spread rate. Adhesive application must be sufficient to achieve 100% transfer of adhesive to the backing of the floor covering.  

DISCLAIMER: Users should determine the suitability of this information or product for their own particular purpose or application. This adhesive does not protect floor coverings from the effects of pH and moisture. Please follow Armstrong’s flooring installation instructions, paying special attention to moisture and pH limitations. Armstrong S-299 adhesive is not a moisture barrier and should not be installed/treated as such. This adhesive is not a substrate moisture sealer, does not form a protective barrier, and is only warranted to maintain an adhesive bond when used over bare concrete substrates conforming within the specified restrictions of pH and RH readings. A functional working moisture barrier/retarder under the existing slab must be in place to use this product. NOTE: Substrate surface moisture readings (ASTM F2659) found to be above the 3% acceptable range may void the warranty.

Updated on August 31, 2023