Armstrong Flooring S-391 Shinekeeper High Gloss Floor Finish For Independent Retailers DATA SHEET


S-391 Shinekeeper High Gloss Floor Finish SDS

Do not reuse container. Dispose of container and residue in accordance with federal, state and local waste disposal regulations. Do not flush Satinkeeper residue down drains.

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential, Light Commercial
Use For: Armstrong Flooring Residential Vinyl Sheet and Vinyl Tile, Genuine Linoleum, Asphalt Tile, Rubber Tile, Ceramic – although not much value on glazed ceramic; unglazed – other products designed for this use will produce better results, Slate and Terrazzo – other products designed for this use will produce better results
Do Not Use For: Hardwood, Laminate, Cork or Marble Floors
Spread Rate: 375 – 500 sq ft per quart
Available Units: Quart, 1/2 Gallon
VOC Content: <1%; California General Consumer Products Rule, California Code of Regulations
Shelf Life: Two years if not opened.
Storage: Keep from freezing.
Manufacturing Location: USA

1/2 Gallon (Disc)
Model NumberQuart: US Market: 00391124
Quart: Canadian Market: 00391601 (S-391601) (Disc 11/23) (Reactivated 3/24)
1/2 Gallon: 00391406 (S-391406) (Disc)
Item UPCQuart: N/A
1/2 Gallon: N/A
WeightQuart: 14 lbs/ctn
1/2 Gallon: 18.87 lbs/ctn

Product Features

  • S-391 Shinekeeper is sold at Independent Retailers 
  • Ideal for restoring gloss after using Armstrong Flooring New Beginning Resilient Deep Cleaning Stripper
  • Renews worn or dulled floors
  • Keeps its shine even after repeated cleanings
  • Protects floor from scuffs, scratches and dirt
  • Does not require buffing
  • Resists harsh detergents
  • Metal cross-linked acrylic copolymer
  • Resists scuffing and water-spotting
  • pH of 8.6
  • 18% solids

Application Instructions


  • Sweep or vacuum thoroughly
  • Wash with Armstrong Flooring Once ‘n Done Floor Cleaner (Do not use Once ‘n Done on linoleum)


  • Initially, apply two thin coats with a clean damp sponge mop or microfiber applicator mop and allow at least 30 minutes drying time between coats
  • Make sure the entire surface is coated
  • Dries in approximately 30 minutes – no buffing necessary
  • In high humidity areas, Shinekeeper may take longer than 30 minutes to dry


  • Reapply Shinekeeper Floor Finish as needed – 1 or 2 coats at a time
  • If necessary, remove Shinekeeper with Armstrong Flooring New Beginning Floor Stripper & Cleaner. Note: Armstrong Flooring New Beginning Floor Stripper & Cleaner can not be used on linoleum to remove the Shinekeeper. Use a linoleum-safe stripper instead.


  • In high humidity areas, Satinkeeper may take longer than 30 minutes to dry
Updated on March 18, 2024