Stairnose 5/16″ & 3/8″(Nominal) Flush-Fit For Hardwood – Product and Installation Information

Product Attributes

Transitions floor to edge of stair to provide a finished trim.
For use as a stair landings trim, elevated floor perimeters and stair steps.

Installation Procedures

Installation of Stairnose

  1. Install the Stairnose first.
  2. Attach Stairnose with nails (6d finish nails) and construction adhesive. When using construction adhesive, weight down the Stairnose evenly to ensure proper contact with the subfloor.*
  3. Always predrill Stairnose pieces with appropriate size drill bit to avoid cracking or splitting.
  4. Apply a bead of recommended wood glue to the groove of the first board and continue installation.

* When installing over radiant heated subfloors, use only construction adhesive to attach Stairnose pieces to the subfloor.

Product Images

5/16″ & 3/8″(Nominal) Flush-Fit Stairnose
Length = 78″

Updated on May 23, 2024

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