AHF Contract Concepts of Landscape Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Commercial
Gauge: .080″ (2.0 mm)
Roll Length: 68.6′ (20.9 m)
Roll Width: 78.7″ (2 m)
Wear Layer: 22 mil
Coverage Per Roll: 50 sq yd (41.81 sq m) (450 sq ft)
Shipping Weight: 309 lbs per roll
Rolls Per Pallet: 12
Finish: Urethane (Low Gloss)
Manufacturing Location: South Korea


5 Year Commercial Limited Warranty (With non-AHF Branded Adhesive)
10 Year Commercial Limited Warranty (With AHF Branded Adhesive)

Product Structure

Product Features

URETHANE FINISHUnmatched abrasion and scuff resistance
Superior stain resistance
Excellent slip resistance
WIDER WIDTH2.0 m (78.7″) width rolls are wider than standard 72″ width rolls
Less frequent seaming/heat welding
Faster installation
LOW MAINTENANCENo waxing or buffing
No sealers or finishes
Regular maintenance by damp mopping or auto-scrub minimizes maintenance costs
ENGINEERED FOR DURABILITY2.0 mm gauge construction provides a solid, durable, and stable floor
22 mil wear layer rated for heavy commercial traffic
Withstands heavy rolling loads
No phthalates or heavy metals
FloorScore certified
AUTHENTIC LOOKS AND TEXTURESIn-register embossing (IRE) delivers authentic texture of natural materials
Wider width planks and appropriately scaled plank lengths enhance authenticity
Trend-forward colors specifically for commercial interiors
APPLICATION VERSATILITYIdeal for use in Healthcare, Assisted Living, Education, Corporate, Hospitality, Retail and Institutional Interiors


AttributeTest ProtocolRequirementPerformance
ThicknessASTM F386Average 0.082˝ (2.08 mm)Passed
Wear Layer ThicknessASTM F4100.020˝ (0.5 mm) minimum for Commercial UsePassed
Residual IndentationASTM F1914≤ 0.012˝ (0.31 mm)Passed
Chemical ResistanceASTM F925No more than slight change in surface dulling, attack or stainingPassed
Resistance to HeatASTM F1514∆E < 8 avg., maxPassed
Resistance to LightASTM F1515ΔE < 8 avg., maxPassed
Static Load Resistance @ 250ASTM F970≤ 0.005˝Passed
Fire Test Data – Flame SpreadASTM E6480.45 W/cm2 or more Class 1Passed
Fire Test Data – Smoke EvolutionASTM E662450 or lessPassed
ADA Standards for Accessible DesignChapter 3, Section 302.1Floor surfaces shall be stable, firm and slip resistantPassed
Static Coefficient of Friction**ASTM D2047/UL 410≥ 0.5Passed


FloorScore Certificate – Sheet Flooring
LEED and WELL for Sheet Flooring
Declare Labels for Sheet Flooring
Health Product Declarations – Sheet Flooring
Environmental Product Declarations – Sheet Flooring

WELL v1 FeatureFeatureContribution
AirFeature 04 – VOC ReductionTested and third party certified by FloorScore as complying with CDPH v1.2
Well BeingFeature 97 – Material TransparencyReadily available Health Product Declaration (HPD) to 1000 ppm
Well BeingFeature 88 (Part 2) Biophilia I – QualitativeProducts available that incorporate nature patterns
Well BeingFeature 99 – Beauty and Design IIPatterns and colors to aid in wayfinding and spatial familiarity (Part 3)


Material Information Sheet


System:Full Spread Glue Down: Commercial Sheet Vinyl Installation Instructions
Adhesives:Bruce® BondLink™ 
Bruce® Apex Pro™ – NOTE: Use Bruce® Apex Pro™ in areas where the product will be subjected to direct sunlight, topical moisture, concentrated static and dynamic loads or temperature fluctuations.
Seam Treatments: Weld Rods for Sheet Flooring

S-763 Seam Adhesive

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations for Commercial Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Product Data Table

Concepts of Landscape
Pattern Number
VisualColorPattern Match
(L x W)
Weld Rod
1HE2M001WoodgrainDune72.5″ x 78.7″WE100
1HE2M002WoodgrainNatural72.5″ x 78.7″WE101
1HE2M003WoodgrainHarvest72.5″ x 78.7″WE102
1HE2M004WoodgrainBoardwalk72.5″ x 78.7″WE103
1HE2M005WoodgrainDawn72.5″ x 78.7″WE104
1HE2M006WoodgrainEspresso72.5″ x 78.7″WE105
1HE2M007WoodgrainLatte72.5″ x 78.7″WE106
1HE2M008WoodgrainAuburn72.5″ x 78.7″WE107
1HE2M009WoodgrainMacchiato72.5″ x 78.7″WE108
1HE2M010WoodgrainWeathered72.5″ x 78.7″WE109
1HE2M011 WoodgrainCocoa72.5″ x 78.7″WE110
1HE2M401StoneWatermark47.2″ x 78.7″WE111
1HE2M402StoneBrownstone47.2″ x 78.7″WE112
1HE2M403StoneReflection47.2″ x 78.7″WE113
1HE2M404StoneIronside47.2″ x 78.7″WE114
1HE2M016WoodDream Outdoors Oak72.5″ x 78.7″WE118
1HE2M014WoodSerene Maple Medium49.2″ x 78.7″WE116
1HE2M013WoodSerene Maple Light49.2″ x 78.7″WE115
1HE2M015WoodSerene Maple Dark49.2″ x 78.7″WE117
1HE2M408Overall PatternSilhouettes Dark Gray43.3″ x 78.7″WE122
1HE2M407Overall PatternSilhouettes Taupe43.3″ x 78.7″WE121
1HE2M406Overall PatternSilhouettes Gray43.3″ x 78.7″WE120
1HE2M405Overall PatternSilhouettes Light43.3″ x 78.7″WE119
1HE2M416Overall PatternArtisanal Detail Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE130
1HE2M415Overall PatternArtisanal Detail Dark Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE129 (Effective prior to 1/23)

WN104 (Effective as of 1/23)
1HE2M414Overall PatternArtisanal Detail Taupe39.4″ x 78.7″WE128
1HE2M413Overall PatternArtisanal Detail Light39.4″ x 78.7″WE127
1HE2M420Overall PatternFinely Woven Dark Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE134
1HE2M419Overall PatternFinely Woven Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE133
1HE2M418Overall PatternFinely Woven Taupe39.4″ x 78.7″WE132
1HE2M417Overall PatternFinely Woven Light39.4″ x 78.7″WE131
1HE2M412Overall PatternConcrete Effect Dark Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE126 (Effective prior to 1/23)

WE130 (Effective as of 1/23)
1HE2M411Overall PatternConcrete Effect Gray39.4″ x 78.7″WE125 (Effective prior to 1/23)

WN104 (Effective as of 1/23)
1HE2M410Overall PatternConcrete Effect Taupe39.4″ x 78.7″WE124
1HE2M409Overall PatternConcrete Effect Light39.4″ x 78.7″WE123
Concepts of Landscape
Pattern Number
VisualColorPattern Match
(L x W)
Weld Rod

The table below offers recommended substitutes for the Armstrong Flooring Rejuvenations Classics™ collection.

Armstrong Flooring
Rejuvenations Classics™
AHF Contract 
Concepts of Landscape
AHF Contract 
Concepts of Landscape
Design/ColorModel NumberColorModel NumberColorModel Number
Lithos Stone Andesite34330Reflection1HE2M403
Lithos Stone Felsite34331Brownstone1HE2M402
Lithos Stone Dacite34332Watermark1HE2M401
Lithos Stone Phyllite34335Concrete Effect Taupe1HE2M410
Lithos Stone Bojite34336Artizanal Detail Gray1HE2M415
Travertini Token34360Watermark1HE2M401
Travertini Metropolitan34363Concrete Effect Gray1HE2M411Reflection1HE2M403
Walnut Grove Nellie37344Latte1HE2M007
Walnut Grove Plum Creek37345Dream Outdoors Oak1HE2M016
Walnut Grove Prairie37346Dream Outdoors Oak1HE2M017
Maple You Better37350Dune1HE2M001
Maple Lightning37352Serene Maple Light1HE2M013Watermark1HE2M401
Maple Smokin’37353Serene Maple Medium1HE2M014
Oak Tried And True37355Natural1HE2M002
Oak Righteous37356Harvest1HE2M003
Oak Solid37357Auburn1HE2M008Macciato1HE2M009
Oak Bona Fide37360Silhuettes Dark Gary1HE2M408
Cherry Naturally37361Dune1HE2M001Natural1HE2M002
Cherry Cerise37363
Bamboo Red Fox37365Serene Maple Dark1HE2M015
Acadian Oak Broken In37373Macciato1HE2M009Auburn1HE2M008
Acadian Oak Well Versed37374Dream Outdoors Oak1HE2M016Espresso1HE2M006
Walnut Sepia37378Dawn1HE2M005Boardwalk1HE2M004
Walnut Char Brown37379Espresso1HE2M006
Tweed Soothsayer38051Brownstone1HE2M402
Alchemy Obsidian38064Ironside1HE2M403
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