Grouted Engineered Tile Replacement Procedure

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After installation, if a tile becomes damaged to the extent that it needs to be replaced, use the following procedure.

1.  Use a sharp utility knife (razor knife) to score down through the wear layer with two diagonal cuts.
2.  Using a heat gun in the center of the tile, start removing the tile with a scraper or putty knife. Continue using the heat gun until the damaged tile is removed.
3.  After the tile has been removed, use a putty knife to remove all the grout surrounding the tile.
4.  Clean the area thoroughly before preparing for the new tile.
5.  If S-295 was used to install the tile, apply S-295 Adhesive with a paint brush in the repair area and allow to dry tacky with no adhesive transfer to your finger. Continue to Step 7.
6.  If the tile was installed with S-288 or an unknown adhesive, mechanically remove all existing adhesive residue and trowel S-295 in the repair area. Allow to dry tacky with no adhesive transfer to your finger
7.  Use spacers on three side of the repaired area and place the new tile in the repair area. Remove the spacers and then hand roll the new tile into place.
8.  Grout and clean the new tile with a cellulose sponge.

Updated on November 16, 2023

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