Hardwood Trowels Defined

Notch: the “cut-out” or gaps of a trowel through which the adhesive “flows”; determines the size and shape of the beads/ridges of adhesive – measured in width(w) and depth(d); offered in square and “V” shapes for use with AHF Products’ wood adhesives.
Foot: the portion of the trowel that scrapes along the subfloor and separates the notches by creating a void in the adhesive; determines how far apart (a) the beads/ridges of adhesive form.
Spread Rate: the amount of adhesive applied to the subfloor as metered by the trowel; together, the notch and the foot determine the amount of adhesive remaining on the floor after troweling; the distance between the beads/ridges “on-center” (oc) can also calculated by adding together the length of the foot and the width of the notch.

Updated on January 22, 2024