Bruce Modern Comfort Bronze Residential Sheet Vinyl DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential; Property Management
Gauge: .050″ (1.3 mm)
Roll Width: 12′, 6′ (3.7 m, 1.8 m)
Roll Length: 56.25′ – 150′ (18.33 yd – 50 yd)
Wear Layer: .010″ (0.25 mm)
Coverage Per Roll: 12′ rolls: 90 – 200 sq yd (75 – 167 sq m) (675 – 1800 sq ft)
Shipping Weight: 2.3 lbs per sq yd (1 kg per sq yd)
Finish: Vinyl No Wax
Gloss: Low
Manufacturing Location: USA


5 Year Residential Limited Warranty

Product Features

  • See the Modern Comfort collection at
  • A cost-efficient solution with a traditional fiberglass backing and PVC coating
  • Vinyl No-Wax wear layer
  • Traditional fiberglass backing.
  • Flexibility of installation Full Spread Glue Down or Modified Loose Lay

REFERENCE SPECIFICATIONS: ASTM F 1303, Type I, Grade 3, Class C Backing
Complies with the requirements for floor coverings set forth in the HUD Minimum Property Standards for Housing (MPS 4910.1) for light traffic areas as referenced by ASTM F 1303, Type 1, Grade 3, Class C Backing. Note to user: This language supersedes our previous designations of “meets HUD/FHA requirements”.

ASTM E 648 Critical Radiant Flux– 0.45 watts/sq. cm. or more – Class I
ASTM E 662 Smoke – 450 or less
Numerical flammability ratings alone may not define the performance of the product under actual fire conditions. These ratings are provided only for use in the selection of products to meet the specified limits.


FloorScore Certificates


Resilient Sheet Flooring Products and Resilient Tile Flooring Products MIS


Location:All grade levels
System:Residential Sheet Flooring Installation System
Pattern Match:Yes; See table below
Reverse Pieces:Do not reverse pieces (Install TM edge to non-TM edge)
Seams:Double-cut seams; apply Seam Coating Kit for Low Gloss Floors or Seam Adhesive
Fitting:All methods
Adhesives:Acrylic double-faced tape for modified loose lay method;
Full Spread Installation Method
Bruce TuffLink Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Installation Special Precautions and Recommendations:

  • Refer to the Residential Sheet Flooring Installation System for complete installation recommendations.
  • Always check roll label for pattern match.
  • The modified loose lay method requires that the flooring be cut 1/4″ 6.4 mm away from walls, cabinets, etc.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Guidelines:
All Residential and Light Commercial Vinyl Floors

Maintenance Products:
Cleaner: Once ‘n Done 
Matte Polish: Satinkeeper
High Gloss Polish: Shinekeeper
Deep Cleaner & Stripper: New Beginning

Product Data Table

Modern Comfort
SuffixPattern Match / Drop
(L x W / Drop)
Economy MatchDesign Scale
Creamy MirageMB00140154″ x 48″ / Half6″ 6″
Cliff ReflectionsMB00240148″ x 72″12″Natural 12″ Stone
Well CreekMB00340148″ x 36″ / Half12″12″ Standard Grid Natural Vinecut Travertine
Greige BoardwalkMB00440154″ x 72″6″ RandomVaried width weathered oak plank design
Barn GreyMB00540154″ x 72″ / Half6″ random6″ wide traditional oak plank
Coastal SpiceMB00640154″ x 36″ / Half4″ RandomOak wood strip
Foxfire HickoryMB00740154″ x 72″ / Half6″4″, 5″ & 6″ Varied Width Hickory Plank
Intrigue HickoryMB00840154″ x 72″ / Half6″4″, 5″ & 6″ Varied Width Hickory Plank
Modern Comfort
SuffixPattern Match / Drop
(L x W / Drop)
Economy MatchDesign Scale
Updated on August 16, 2023