Armstrong Flooring Pattern Matching Sheet Flooring with a Drop Match

A drop match is a pattern in vinyl sheet flooring that repeats diagonally across the sheet.
With products that have a drop match, each corresponding pattern element drops down the length (machine direction) of the material a specific distance, as the pattern repeats across the width.

Follow the pattern matching/estimating instructions outlined in the Armstrong Guaranteed Installation Systems manual, F-5061, in section XI, Estimating. When estimating a pattern with a drop match, the drop amount must also be added to each piece.    
(Example: If room is 15’9″ in length and the material had an 18″ match with a 9″ drop, the first piece would be cut 16′, the second piece normally cut 16’6″ would now need to be cut 17’3″ after adding the drop match.)

Fitting Two Pieces of Material WITHOUT a Drop:

Fitting Two Pieces of Material WITH a Drop:

Updated on July 14, 2023