PVC-Free Weld Rods for Commercial Sheet Flooring DATA SHEET


For Use With

Weld rods not only provide superior seam strength but can also enhance the design aesthetic within a space. In spaces that require sterile conditions, welding rods prevent dirt and moisture from getting under the floor.


  • 165 lineal feet per spool
  • One spool per box
  • Bulk pack cartons available with 12 spools

Composition: PVC-Free

FloorScore Certificates – Installation Accessories

PVC-Free Weld Rod ColorModel Number
Pearl SandWF301
Ivory WhiteWF302
Creamy CaramelWF303
Dune DesertWF305
Crystal OasisWF306
Crisp AirWF307
Pale TwilightWF308
Daybreak GrayWF309
Cherub’s GrayWF310
Verdant SpringWF311
Pastel GrassWF312
Clouded CeladonWF313
Herbal InfusionWF314
Garden HerbWF315
Frozen LakeWF316
Glacier Blue WF317
Blue HazeWF318
Coastal CoveWF319
Marine TealWF320
PVC-Free Weld Rod Color Model Number

Updated on March 5, 2024