Armstrong Flooring S-762 Weld Rod Coating Pen DATA SHEET


S-762 Weld Rod Coating Pen SDS

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Product Information

Traffic Type: Commercial
Use For: Commercial sheet heat welded seams
Color: Clear
Spread/Coverage Rate: 250 linear feet per pen
Shelf Life: One year
Storage: Keep from freezing.  Not freeze-thaw stable
VOC Content:  2.13 – 2.21 lbs/gallon

Item No.FP00762125
Item Dimensions5” Length x 0.5″ Diameter
Carton Dimensions8.5″L x 5.25″W x 2″H
Carton Weight1.5 lbs
Pallet Dimensions48” x 40” x 50”
Pallet Weight155 lbs.
Cartons per pallet100
Items per Carton25

Product Features

  • Temporarily protects welded seams
  • Protects welded seam from soil adhesion
  • Provides stain resistance to welded seam
  • Coordinates with floors factory gloss
  • Compatible with floor maintenance polishes and sealers

Application Instructions

  1. Shake well before using.
  2. To start flow press sponge applicator down on hard surface and apply slight pressure to tube.
  3. Apply in even strokes.
  4. Multiple coats will produce better results.
  5. 10 minute cure / dry time.  Can be recoated after 10 minutes.

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Updated on November 15, 2023