Surface and Bottom-Up Staining on Resilient Floors

Surface staining is generally caused by spills which are not promptly removed, asphalt driveway sealer tracked in, the use of rubber or latex backed mats, etc.  

Bottom-up staining can be caused by:

  • Use of adhesives other than those recommended by Armstrong.  Adhesive staining is generally dark yellow and appears in low embossed areas first. Generally occurs sooner in areas exposed to a great deal of sunlight.
  • Failure to remove asphalt adhesive and/or other foreign materials from subfloor.
  • Bacteriological staining which is usually a bright yellow (mustard color), bright pink, or gray-blue which eventually turns black. Just about every case of this type of staining occurs over on or below grade concrete which has been skim coated with gypsum-based patch. This type of staining can also occur in the presence of a water leak where the subfloor is constantly wet (around sinks, tubs, toilets).
Updated on October 26, 2022