Armstrong Flooring Premium Excelon Basketball Court Inset 1/8″ Vinyl Composition Tile DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential, Light Commercial, Commercial
Overall/Wear Layer Thickness: 1/8″ (3.2 mm)
Length x Width: College, High School, or Junior High Basketball Court (Includes lines only. Requires separate field tile to complete court)
Finish: Fast Start® (polish required before traffic)
Face Treatment: Traditional Smooth
Edge Treatment: Square Edges
Manufacturing Location: USA


5 Year Commercial Limited Warranty

Product Structure

Product Features

Kit includes court lines only. Field tile must be chosen and ordered separately.

Kit consists of pre-cut Premium Excelon Feature Tile and Strips

Use To Create These Standard Court Dimensions
College 50′ x 94′
High School 50′ x 84′
Junior High 42′ x 74′

Each kit contains all the necessary Feature Strips and curved segments for straight boundary lines, circular markings and three-point goal markings. Sufficient material is provided for a standard college court. To create high school or junior high courts, reduce the number of segments to form the standard perimeter dimensions listed to the left. Note: Field tile is not included in the court unit and will need to be ordered separately.

Kit Contents

1 Pallet of 3 Cartons
Model Number:
50517 (831)
Total weight of Basketball Kit:
(3ctns) 174 lbs

1. Carton 1 – Labeled “Circles 1 of 3”

  • Large box
    • Instructions and Court Diagram
    • 40 pcs – Arc for 6′ radius circles
    • 4 pcs – 8″ x 12″ Blocks for free throw lanes
    • 163 pcs – 2″ x 24″ Feature strips

2. Carton 2 – Labeled “Strips 2 of 3” (note this is actually a bundle of 3 cartons)

  • Bundle
    • 3 ctns of 2″ x 24″ Feature strips with 24 pcs each ctn (72 pcs total)

3. Carton 3 – Labeled “3 Pnt Arc 3 of 3”

  • Medium box
    • 67 pcs – Arc for 19′-9″ radius circle (66 pcs plus 1 pc extra)
    • 13 pcs – 2″ x 24″ Feature strips (12 pcs plus 1 pc extra)


MATERIAL:  A composition of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, and pigments.

CONSTRUCTION AND COLORS:  Color and pattern detail are dispersed uniformly throughout the thickness of the material.  Color pigments are insoluble in water and resistant to cleaning agents and light.

NOTE: Solid color Feature Tile tends to show scratching and soiling more readily than patterned flooring. We recommend not installing Feature Tile as full field installations or in high traffic areas.

GLOSS: (typical value) 60° specular, 20-40 Light Reflectivity Chart: CLICK HERE.

ASTM F 1066 Vinyl Composition Floor Tile, Class 1 – solid color

ASTM E 648 Critical Radiant Flux Critical Radiant Flux – 0.45 watts/sq. cm. or more – Class I
ASTM E 662 Smoke – 450 or less
CAN/ULC – S102.2 – 07 – Flame Spread 0; Smoke Developed 30
Numerical flammability ratings alone may not define the performance of the product under actual fire conditions. These ratings are provided only for use in the selection of products to meet the specified limits.

ASTM F 970*; 2000 psi
*Testing at loads above 250 psi is outside the scope of the test method. Since testing is conducted on uninstalled flooring, results do not consider the performance of the adhesive, underlayment, or subfloor. These test results are not an indicator of the installed flooring system performance


LEED Credit Information – Commercial
Sustainable Design Information 
FloorScore Certificates – Vinyl Composition Tile
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – Vinyl Composition Tile


Resilient Sheet Flooring Products and Resilient Tile Flooring Products MIS


Location:All grade levels
System:Commercial Tile Installation System
Fitting:Tile cutter, straight scribe, hot knife
Flip Spray Adhesive 
  • Precaution: Do not install over existing below-grade tile.

All procedures for installing Excelon tile apply to the installation of the basketball court inset. The layout of the basketball court is based on the location of the basketball goals. IMPORTANT: The backboards must be properly installed and the correct distance apart before starting the installation. Check this by measuring.

  1. Mark the floor at each end of the court directly under the center of the front edge of each goal by using a plumb bob and snap a chalk line through these points. measure back 9″ from each original mark to locate the center of the goals.
  2. Strike a perpendicular line at the midpoint of the original line. This will be the division line.
  3. Use the center lines to determine the boundaries and strike chalk lines on four sides.
  4. Construct a circle with a radius of 6 feet.
  5. Lay out key and three-point lines. Use the center of the goal as the starting point.
  6. Install the center court line, boundary lines and sidelines of the key following the chalk lines outlined in steps 1, 3 and 5. DO NOT install center court circle, three-point line or key circle.
  7. Begin laying tile at the division line and work toward the goals. Cut 1″ from each tile on other sides of the division line so that tile outside the boundary will align properly.
  8. Transfer the center court and goal reference marks, and rescribe the circles onto the tile.
  9. Position the preformed feature strips along the scribe lines and adjust as needed by warming them with a hot air gun. Hold the feature strips securely and score along the opposite side with a knife.
  10. Lay the Feature Strips to the side and warm the area to be removed with a hot air gun. Cut the scored lines all the way through and remove the parts where the feature strips will be placed. Scrape the excess adhesive residue smooth, spread new adhesive and install feature strips

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations:
Commercial Care & Maintenance Instructions for VCT
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Installed in Your Home – Maintenance Recommendations

Maintenance Products:
Cleaner: Armstrong Flooring S-485
Polish: Armstrong Flooring S-480

Court Layout 

Updated on March 16, 2023

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