Armstrong Flooring Parallel USA 12 & 20 2.5mm & 2.0mm Commercial and Residential Luxury Vinyl Tile DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Residential, Light Commercial, Commercial
Overall Thickness: Parallel USA 20: 2.5 mm (0.100″)
Overall Thickness: Parallel USA 12: 2.0 mm (0.080″)
Wear Layer: Parallel USA 20: 20 mil
Wear Layer: Parallel USA 12: 12 mil
Finish: Urethane Plus
Gloss: Low
Face Treatment: Embossed
Edge/End Treatment: Micro Beveled Edges/Micro Beveled Ends
Manufacturing Location: USA

Width x Length: 

6″ x 48″ (15.3 cm x 121.9 cm)
18″ x 18″ (45.7 cm x 45.7 cm)


Parallel 20: 15 Year Commercial Limited Warranty, 30 Year Residential Limited Warranty
Parallel 12: 7 Year Commercial Limited Warranty, 15 Year Residential Limited Warranty

Product Structure

  1. Urethane Plus Coating
  2. Rigid Wear Layer
  3. Print Film
  4. Foundation Layer

Product Features

  • See the Parallel USA 20 and Parallel USA 12 collections at
  • Manufactured in the US, Parallel USA Luxury Flooring offers a balance of performance, design and price – and is just a truck delivery away.  Its performance has been strengthened with Urethane Plus coating to provide enhanced resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs compared to standard urethane coatings.
  • The curated collection features sophisticated fabric designs in subtle neutral tones on a tile format, and an array of wood species, and even a stone-inspired wood plank to balance the collection.
  • Parallel USA 20 is ideally suited for areas where commercial flooring performance is a requirement. Parallel USA 12 can be used in light commercial spaces, Main Street businesses, and residential areas in mixed use properties.
  • Low VOC emissions – California Section 01350 compliant, third-party FloorScore certification and LEED eligibility

MATERIAL: A tough, clear, unfilled polyurethane wear layer composed of polyvinyl chloride resins, plasticizers, stabilizers and processing aids on a filled vinyl backing.

PATTERN AND COLORS: The overall visuals are created by a print between the wear layer and intermediate color layer. The clear wear layer is embossed with different textures to enhance each of the printed visuals. Color pigments are insoluble in water and resistant to cleaning agents and light.

REFERENCE SPECIFICATION: ASTM F 1700, Class III, Type B – Embossed Surface


Per ASTM F 1700
PerformanceTest MethodRequirementPerformance vs. Requirement
ThicknessASTM F386Nominal ±0.005 in.Meets
Wear Layer ThicknessASTM F4100.020 in. (0.5 mm) minimum for Commercial UseParallel USA 20 – Meets
SizeASTM F2421/F2055± 0.016 in. per linear footMeets
SquarenessASTM F2421/F20550.010 in. maximumMeets
Residual IndentationASTM F1914Average less than 8%Meets
Dimensional StabilityInternal≥ 0.018 in. per linear ft. MD
≥ 0.012 in. per lin. ft. AMD
Chemical ResistanceASTM F925No more than slight change in surface dulling, attack or stainingMeets
Resistance to HeatASTM F1514ΔE < 8Meets
Resistance to LightASTM F1515ΔE < 8Meets
Static Load Resistance @ 250ASTM F970< 0.005 in.Meets
Additional Testing
PerformanceTest MethodRequirementPerformance vs. Requirement
Static Load ResistanceASTM F970*< 0.005 in.2000 psi
Fire Test Data – Flame SpreadASTM E6480.45 W/cm2 or more Class 1Meets
Fire Test Data – Smoke EvolutionASTM E 662450 or lessMeets
 Fire Test Data – Canada CAN/ULC S-102.2 Use dependentParallel 20: Flame Spread – 5;
Smoke Developed – 75
Parallel 12: Flame Spread – 0;
Smoke Developed – 50
ADA Standards for Accessible DesignChapter 3, Section 302.1Floor surfaces shall be stable, firm and slip resistantMeets
Static Coefficient of Friction**ASTM D2047/UL 410≥ 0.5Meets
*Testing at loads above 250 psi is outside the scope of the test method. Since testing is conducted on uninstalled flooring, results do not consider the performance of the adhesive, underlayment, or subfloor. These test results are not an indicator of the installed flooring system performance.

** Using the James Machine as described in D2047 and as directed in UL 410 for floor covering materials (FCM) using a leather foot under dry conditions. The application of site-applied floor sealers, polishes and other types of finishes routinely used to maintain resilient flooring materials will change the walking surface and consequently the SCOF value.

Recommended Applications

Recommended Applications Chart – Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)


Collection Test StructureSTCIICDelta IIC
Parallel USA 206″ Concrete Slab with S-1840 underlayment515322
Parallel USA 126″ Concrete Slab with S-1840 underlayment505424


LEED Credit Information – Commercial
Sustainable Design Information 
FloorScore Certificates – Luxury Vinyl Tile
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – Luxury Vinyl Tile


Resilient Sheet Flooring Products and Resilient Tile Flooring Products MIS


Location:All grade levels
System:Commercial Luxury Flooring Installation Instructions
Fitting:All Methods
Adhesives:S-995 Flooring Adhesive
S-1000 Set-In-Wet on all substrates
S-319 Dry-to-Touch over porous and nonporous substrates
Flip Spray Adhesive (residential installations only)
Acoustic Underlayment:S-1840 Quiet Comfort Luxury Flooring Underlayment
  • Armstrong Flooring S-1000 must be used in areas subject to direct sunlight, topical moisture, concentrated static and dynamic loads, temperature fluctuations and when installed over ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, metal and polymeric (seamless) floors.
  • Same dye lot not required within an installation.
  • When installing planks, the end joints should be staggered a minimum of 6″ apart.
  • Can be installed over a single layer of existing resilient flooring.
  • Do not install over existing below-grade tile.
  • Armstrong Flooring commercial flooring is used in many applications where it is subjected to heavy concentrated static and dynamic loads. For questions regarding product suitability and detailed instructions for floor preparation and installation in these types of applications, please contact AHF Products.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations:
Maintenance Recommendations For Commercial LVT

Maintenance Products:
Cleaner: Armstrong Flooring S-485
Polish: Armstrong Flooring S-480

Product Data Table

6″ x 48″ Items
Parallel 12
6″ x 48″ Items
Parallel 20
18“ x 18” Items
Parallel 12
18“ x 18” Items
Tiles Per Carton18161816
Area Per Tile2 sq ft (0.19 sq m)2.25 sq ft (0.21 sq m) 2 sq ft (0.19 sq m) 2.25 sq ft (0.21 sq m)
Length 48.6″ (123.6 cm) 48.6″ (123.6 cm)18.7″ (47.6 cm)18.7″ (47.6 cm)
Width6.3″ (16 cm) 6.3″ (16 cm)18.4″ (46.8 cm)18.4″ (46.8 cm)
Height 2″ (5.1 cm) 1.6″ (4 cm)1.9″ (4.9 cm)1.6″ (4 cm)
Coverage Per Carton36 sq ft (3.35 sq m)36 sq ft (3.35 sq m) 36 sq ft (3.35 sq m)36 sq ft (3.35 sq m)
Carton Weight39 lbs (17.7 kg)29 lbs (13.2 kg) 39 lbs (17.7 kg)29 lbs (13.2 kg)
6″ x 48″ Items
Parallel 12
6″ x 48″ Items
Parallel 20
18“ x 18” Items
Parallel 12
18“ x 18” Items
Cartons Per Pallet54665664
Coverage Per Pallet1944 sq ft (180.9 sq m) 2376 sq ft (221.1 sq m) 2016 sq ft (187.6 sq m) 2304 sq ft (214.4 sq m)
Pattern NameColorParallel 20
Model Number (Suffix)
Parallel 12
Model Number (Suffix)
SizeMulti-Purpose Trim
Length 94″
Glen Brook OakEvening ShadowJ5202 (641)J5102 (681)6″ x 48″U3063TRM
Glen Brook OakDrift SandJ5203 (641)J5103 (681)6″ x 48″NA180TRM
Hightop HickoryCaramel CoveJ5210 (641)J5110 (681)6″ x 48″U3031TRM
Glendale OakScotch MistJ5215 (641)J5115 (681)6″ x 48″J5215TRM
Glendale OakSilver FoxJ5216 (641)J5116 (681)6″ x 48″J5216TRM
Glendale OakForest GrayJ5217 (641)J5117 (681)6″ x 48″J5217TRM
Cornelius CreekSage BrownJ5220 (641)J5120 (681)6″ x 48″NA150TRM
Cottonwood SpringsSunset BlondeJ5225 (641)J5125 (681)6″ x 48″NA131TRM
Flint RidgeStorm SkyJ5235 (641)J5135 (681)6″ x 48″U1021TRM
Long Beach OakGolden SandJ5240 (641)J5140 (681) 6″ x 48″U1021TRM
Savannah WalnutEndearingJ5245 (641)J5145 (681)6″ x 48″U1051TRM
Brushed EssenceEnchantedJ5255 (641)J5155 (681)6″ x 48″D5003TRM
JaceSilver GrayJ5250 (821)J5150 (851)18″ x 18″J5250TRM
JacePier BeigeJ5251 (821) J5151 (851) 18″ x 18″J5251TRM
JaceEbony GrayJ5252 (821) J5152 (851) 18″ x 18″J5252TRM
HavanaToastJ5260 (821) J5160 (851) 18″ x 18″NA925TRM
HavanaBiscuit BeigeJ5261 (821)J5161 (851)18″ x 18″NA924TRM
HavanaHeatherJ5262 (821)J5162 (851)18″ x 18″NA921TRM
HavanaHennaJ5263 (821)J5163 (851)18″ x 18″NA920TRM
Pattern Name Color Parallel 20
Model Number (Suffix)
Parallel 12
Model Number (Suffix)
Size Multi-Purpose Trim
Length 94″
Updated on February 19, 2024

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