Armstrong Flooring Standard Excelon Imperial Texture 1/8″ Vinyl Composition Tile DATA SHEET

Product Information

Traffic Type: Commercial
Overall/Wear Layer Thickness: 1/8″ (3.2 mm)
Length x Width: 12″ x 12″ (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm)
Finish: Fast Start® (polish required before traffic)
Face Treatment: Traditional Smooth
Edge Treatment: Square Edges
Manufacturing Location: USA


5 Year Commercial Limited Warranty

Product Structure

Product Features

See the Standard Excelon Imperial Texture collection at

Non-directional tone on tone VCT providing a monolithic visual with a palette of colors ranging from sophisticated classics to fresh pop colors. As part of our innovative Continuum Solutions, Imperial Texture harmonizes with other products across the entire Armstrong Flooring portfolio to help you execute your design intent.

With Armstrong Flooring’s through-color and pattern for high durability plus abrasion and gouge resistance Imperial Texture continues to be a popular choice for a variety of commercial applications that receive a lot of foot traffic or heavy use. 

MATERIAL:  A composition of polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers, and pigments.

CONSTRUCTION AND COLORS:  Color and pattern detail are dispersed uniformly throughout the thickness of the material.  Color pigments are insoluble in water and resistant to cleaning agents and light.

NOTE: Darker-colored Imperial Texture patterns may be susceptible to scratch whitening. 

GLOSS: (typical value) 60° specular: 20-40 Light Reflectivity Chart: CLICK HERE.

ASTM F 1066 Vinyl Composition Floor Tile, Class 2 – through pattern


Per ASTM F 1066
PerformanceTest MethodRequirementPerformance vs. Requirement
ThicknessASTM F386Nominal ± 0.005 in.Meets
SizeASTM F2055± 0.016 in. per linear footMeets
SquarenessASTM F20550.010 in. maxMeets
Indentation – One MinuteASTM F1914≥ 0.006 in. to ≤ 0.015 in.Meets
Indentation @ 115°FASTM F1914< 0.032 in.Meets
ImpactASTM F1265No cracks beyond limitMeets
DeflectionASTM F13041.0 in. minimumMeets
Dimensional StabilityASTM F2199≤ 0.024 in. per linear footMeets
Chemical ResistanceASTM F925No more than slight change in surface dulling, attack or stainingMeets
Resistance to HeatASTM F1514ΔE < 8.0Meets
Additional Testing
PerformanceTest MethodRequirementPerformance vs. Requirement
Static Load ResistanceASTM F970*< 0.005 in.2000 psi
Fire Test Data – Flame SpreadASTM E6480.45 W/cm2 or more Class 1Meets
Fire Test Data – Smoke EvolutionASTM E662450 or lessMeets
Fire Test Data – CanadaCAN\ULC S102.2Use dependentFlame Spread – 0
Smoke Developed – 30
ADA Standards for Accessible DesignChapter 3 Section 302.1 Floor surfaces shall be stable, firm and slip-resistantMeets
Static Coefficient of Friction**ASTM D 2047/ UL 410≥ 0.5Meets
*Testing at loads above 250 psi is outside the scope of the test method. Since testing is conducted on uninstalled flooring, results do not consider the performance of the adhesive, underlayment, or subfloor. These test results are not an indicator of the installed flooring system performance.

**Using the James Machine as described in D2047 and as directed in UL 410 for floor covering materials (FCM) using a leather foot under dry conditions. The application of site-applied floor sealers, polishes and other types of finishes routinely used to maintain resilient flooring materials will change the walking surface and consequently the SCOF value.

Recommended Applications

Recommended Applications Chart – Vinyl Composition Tile


LEED Credit Information – Commercial
Sustainable Design Information 
FloorScore Certificates – Vinyl Composition Tile
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – Vinyl Composition Tile


Resilient Sheet Flooring Products and Resilient Tile Flooring Products MIS


Location:All grade levels
System:Commercial Tile Installation System
Fitting:Tile cutter, straight scribe, hot knife
Flip Spray Adhesive 

Installation Special Precautions and Recommendations:

  • Do not install over existing below-grade tile.
  • Pattern and Shade/Lot Numbers should match.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations:
Commercial Care & Maintenance Instructions for VCT
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) Installed in Your Home – Maintenance Recommendations

Maintenance Products:
Cleaner: Armstrong Flooring S-485
Polish: Armstrong Flooring S-480

Product Data Table

Length 12.4″ (31.5 cm)
Width12.4″ (31.5 cm)
Height 6″ (15.2 cm)
Coverage Per Carton 45 sq ft (4.18 sq m)
Carton Weight 63 lbs (28.6 kg)
Cartons Per Pallet 24
Coverage Per Pallet 1080 sq ft (100.32 sq m)

See attachment below for crossovers from Mannington Essentials and Progressions, and Azrock VCT collections.

Imperial Texture
Model Number       
51800Buttercream Yellow031
51801 Doeskin Peach031
51802Silver Green031
51803Pearl White031
51804Earthstone Greige031
51805 Camel Beige031
51807 Shadow Blue031
51809Desert Beige031
51810Washed Linen031
51811Antique White031
51812 Lemon Yellow031
51814Pomegranate Red031
51816Cherry Red031
51820Marina Blue031
51821Caribbean Blue031
51824Sea Green031
51830Cottage Tan031
51836Shelter White031
51839Fortress White031
51858 Sandrift White031
51860Soft Cool Gray031
51861Soft Warm Gray031
51866Little Green Apple031
51868Smokey Brown031
51872Tea Garden Green031
51873Brushed Sand031
51874Grayed Blue031
51875 Mid Grayed Blue031
51876Mint Cream031
51877 Earth Green031
Imperial Texture
Model Number 
51881 Blueberry031
51882Serene Blue031
51883Dusty Miller031
51885 Granny Smith031
51899Cool White031
51910Classic Black031
51911 Classic White031
51915 Charcoal031
51916Dutch Delft031
51927Field Gray031
51928Pebble Tan031
51929Sandy Beach031
51932Lunar Blue031
51933Blue Cloud031
51938Willow Green031
51941Polar White031
51942 Curried Caramel031
51946Gentian Blue031
51947Basil Green031
52500Carnival White031
52505Harlequin White031
52513Cirque White031
52514Jubilee White031
52520Faire White031
57502Café Latte031
57506Colorado Stone031
57508Blue Dreams031
57509Lemon Lick031
57510Kickin’ Kiwi031
57516Screamin’ Pumpkin031
57517Bodacious Blue031
57518White Out031
57531Go Blue031
57533Tiger Eyes031
57534Ruby Red031
57535Blue Moon031
Imperial Texture
Model Number       
57536Sun Gold031
57538Heat Wave031
57541Bay Blue031
57542Tropical Green031
57543Lavender Fields031
57546Lime Zest031
57551Perfect Storm031
59230Victoria Blue031
Imperial Texture
Model Number   
51930 (Disc.)Ocean Greem031
51934 (Disc 4/20)Lavender Shadow031
51936 (Disc.)Smoky Lilac031
51939 (Disc.)Peach Blossom031
51943 (Disc 4/20Cayenne Red031
51944 (Disc 4/20)Tyrian Purple031
51948 (Disc 4/20)Cinnamon Brown031
57500 (Disc 4/20)Purple Brown031
57503 (Disc 4/20)Bubblegum031
57505 (Disc 4/20)Rose Hip031
57507 (Disc 4/20)Dusty Plum031
57511 (Disc 4/20)Grabbin’ Green031
57512 (Disc 4/20)Bikini Blue031
57513 (Disc 4/20)Vicious Violet031
57515 (Disc 4/20)Hot Lips031
59231 (Disc 4/20)Kumquat Orange031
59232 (Disc 4/20)Madagascar Cinnamon031
59233 (Disc 4/20)Spring Leaf031
59238 (Disc 4/20)Safari Tan031
59239 (Disc 4/20)Taragon031
59242 (Disc 4/20)Carob031
51813 (Disc 4/20)Pumpkin Orange031
51818 (Disc 4/20)Violet Bloom031
51867 (Disc 4/20)Cantaloupe031
51879 (Disc 4/20)Etruscan Red031
51884 (Disc 4/20)Greenery031
Imperial Texture
Model Number   

mannington azrockSilver Pine 125 55125 Sandrift 137 55137 Wheat 123 55123 Warm Beige 127 55127 Almond Buff 167 55507 Glacier 122 55122 Macaw 145 55145 Bed Rock 189 55519 Otter Brown 173 55173 Frosted Jade 255 55255 Colony 110 55110 Cement 193 55513 Banana Cream 213 55503 New Geranium 228 55228 Horizon 220 55220 Cool White 141 55141 Putty 129 55129 Pewter 112 55112 Seaspray 135 55135 Mineral Gray 175 55175 Night Black 101 55101 Stone Gray 102 55102 Wedgewood 130 55130 Pecan 178 55178 New Eggplant 144 55244 Duchess Blue 170 55170 Tangor 188 55188 Sierra 268 55268 Sprout 105 55535 Oyster White 131 55131 Almondine 133 55133 Flax 143 55143 Pumice 152 55502 Khaki Beige 163 55163 Olivia 169 55259 Dark Bark 179 55509 Prairie Sand 183 55183 Dark Chocolate 209 55209 Toffee 219 55219 Bronze 246 55246 601 Sunlight 602 Crystal Clear 603 Glass Green 604 Beach Glass 605 Glistening Bay 606 Reflective 607 Twinkle 608 Silver Moon 609 Steel Shine 610 Night Light 611 Golden Glow 612 Radiate V-280 Raw Silk V-281 Warm Wool V-282 Golden Fleece V-283 Lovely Linen V-284 Brocade V-285 Natural Cotton V-286 Grey Knit V-287 Woolly Woolly V-288 Worsted Wool V-289 Berber Grey V-290 Fur V-292 Silly String V-293 Woven Blue V-294 Alpaca Brown V-295 Polly Ester V-2601 Country Olive V-2602 Natural Moon V-2603 Buff V-2604 Morning Glory V-2605 Butternut V-2606 Toasted Cinnamon V-2607 Pecan Pie V-2608 Hype V-2609 Iceburg V-2610 Emerald V-2613 Pistachio V-2614 Granny Smith V-2616 Lagoon V-2617 Amethyst V-2618 Platinum V-2619 Saffron V-2621 Pomegranate V-2624 Sunrise V-2625 Rosette V-2626 Silver Dust V-2627 Dusty Purple V-2628 Sangria V-2890 Antique White V-202 Salt & Pepper V-205 O-So Beige V-206 Morning Time V-207 Silver Mist V-208 Powder Grey V-209 Whisper V-210 Oats V-211 Springer Spaniel V-212 Lamb’s Wool V-214 Ashes V-216 Part Putty V-217 Weathered V-218 Malt V-219 Cookie Crumbs V-220 Cast Pewter V-221 Leaden Grey V-222 Stonebed V-223 Stone Neutral V-224 Stonework V-225 Milkshake V-226 Mason Tan V-228 Peppery V-229 Shuttle Grey V-230 Soggybottom V-231 Mane Brown V-232 Asphalt V-234 Pinch of Salt V-236 Grassland Green V-238 Cool Down V-240 Green Beans V-241 Springtime V-242 Green Mountains V-243 Adirondack Blue V-245 Brownstone V-247 Ryegrass V-248 Riptide V-249 Dungareee Blue V-250 Hydrangea V-251 Baked Brick V-252 Minty V-253 Pool Side V-259 Blazer Blue V-261 Lemonade V-262 Curry Powder V-269 Statement Red V-271 Nautical V-273 Sunny V-274 Candy Bar V-275 Hunt Club V-276 Berry Red

Updated on August 15, 2023

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